Bubblews review

I’ve read many bubblews reviews on the internet. I can say that there are some really nice bubblews reviews but most of them are outdated and I feel like people who want to earn money need a bubblews review which is up-to-date and that it is really helpful.

To start this Bubblews review, I first have to write something about the company. Bubblews company is located in San Francisco, CA, and as far as I know there are only 10 employees. I believe that smaller companies will always take care of their customers(users) but problem is that there are almost 500,000 registered accounts on Bubblews.

You already see in that number that those 10 people can hardly cover registered bubblers and it’s not like all 10 saff members are there to answer emails, Is Inboxdollars legit? provide customer support and so on. With that in mind, don’t expect fast answers from the support.
Earn money with Bubblews

So, what is Bubblews and how can you earn money online with that website?

I believe that it’s the main reason why you decided to read this bubblews review and I’ll do my best to answer those(and next) questions.

We all heard of Facebook starting as a small social network, and today it’s one of the richest(and fast growing) companies in the history. In begin they started as a non-profit website created by university students and today they have so much money. How is that possible?

The answer is in Advertising on their page. Facebook has their own Facebook ads and with it they are earning a lot of money. Bubblews, on the other side, has Google ads (AdSense) but they decided to do something what Facebook never did and never will.

Bubblews decided to share half of their earning from ads with person who is responsible who got the traffic ” post author. Later Qkids Is It Legit? on in this Bubblews review I will explain to you why I find this very strange.

So, you as a post author earn money through advertising – no. Bubblews decided to pay you for every view, like, comment and share that your post gets. Here is how much they worth each of those:View ” $0.01

No, I didn’t make a mistake with valuing the Twitter share it really does give you $0.05 per ‘tweet’ and best of all is that you are allowed to share your own posts (but once only). I read many Bubblews reviews and hardly any covered that. What is point in writing a Bubblews review if you don’t know all the secrets and tricks –

You should also make sure to return every like/comment you get from other bubblers, because they won’t Is TranscribeMe Scam check your post next time. Keep in mind that comments you write should have some meaning, otherwise they might end up deleted.
Bubblews review of Rules

Now that I covered how do you earn money in this bubblews review, it’s time to explain you some rules.

Most important rule is that you should only post your own content, or in other words unique content. If someone reports you, or they find you suspicious, they will copy a part of your post and search for it on google and see if it is really yours or you stole it from somewhere.

Please don’t be stupid enough to copy/paste posts from other Bubblers because that is fastest way for you to end up banned.

Other thing is, you are allowed to write only 10 posts per 24 hours. In 99% of bubblews reviews, you will find it that you can write 10 posts per day, and that it resets in 0:00 ” not true.

I wrote several posts on Bubblews about this because people are always asking how come it says that they only have 1 post left if they started writing posts 24 hours ago. Point is, you can only have 10 ‘new’ posts in 24 hours.

So, if you wrote a post 25 hours ago, and next post you wrote was 22 hours ago, you will only be able to write 1 post (based on one from the 25 hours) and you will get one extra post in 2 hours (based on the post from 22 hours ago).

Bubblews did write their own rules, some guides in learning center so I highly recommend you to read them. They are always updated, but they don’t explain what is their stance(opinion) about using images. Also, I am not able to cover every rule in this Bubblews review.

Bubblews linked their posting services with Pixabay (some site with many pictures) so you can make your posts prettier by adding featured image from Pixabay or uploading your own. If you do any of these two you don’t have to include ‘Copyrights go to xxxxxx’ at the end of your post.

However, if you decide to use an image found on the internet, you have to include the Copyright note, and make sure that you are allowed to use that image.

Funny thing is, that you are NOT ALLOWED to use Bubblews images, logo, or any kind of screenshot of their website. I wrote several emails to them to explain me why they have this silly rule(it’s not even written correctly) and you just have to live with it ” although it would be much better if for some posts we could include their logo.

I used some of their images in begin and got warned by users. I decided to delete the posts (lost around $10 because of it) but now I’m safe and that is why I wanted to include it in this bubblews review.

I wanted to include some useful tips in this bubblews review, and to explain you how to get more money. If you read this bubblews review from begin, you already read the trick with twitter (if not, go back and read it).

If you still didn’t join the site, read this part of bubblews carefully, but if you joined the site already BUT you’re struggling with how to earn money, you will find this useful.

You are able to write many good articles when you join the site, but don’t. You can write an article or two, just to see how fast are you going to get money. Use all of your ‘will power’ and time to get as many followers as possible, because when you submit a post your followers get a notification and if they find your title interesting, they will check your article and hopefully like & comment it.

This is something I really wanted to include in this bubblews review, so make sure to read and follow it. Go to homepage. There you will find many articles from people who are active on Bubblews and they already have many followers.

Go click on their profile, and follow them. After you done that, click on the number above ‘followers’ and you will see a new page of many bubblers who are following that user. Just go on and follow those people, repeat that several times(100 times is possible :P) and you will see that people will start following you very fast.

Also, how those posts got on homepage? No idea. There is some secret formula (haven’t found it out in any Bubblews review) that puts you on Homepage, but it looks like more followers you have, higher is the chance that your post will be submitted there. It is nice to have your post there, but it only gives you 10-50 extra views/likes. It all depends on your timing and luck.

Several weeks ago, they introduced new feature (you will find this only in fresh bubblews reviews), called Feature post. If you go to Homepage you will see some posts with tag ‘Featured post’. It means that someone from the Bubblews team, read and tagged that post as featured.

What happens then? That post won’t go off homepage for several hours and will get many many likes/views/comments. I’ve seen some people getting $20-30 just on one featured post, so make sure to write quality posts and one day you will be there too. Keep in mind that it’s hand picked, so submit your quality posts when they are online(not sure what timezone they are).

Last, and maybe most important part of this Bubblews review is the Redemption.
All money that you earn from posts is stored in ‘Bank’, and once you earn $50 you will be able to withdraw that money from Bubblews. Currently, only withdrawal option on

Bubblews is through PayPal ” so, if your country is not supported by PayPal, wait untill it is. It takes them 30 days to process your Redemption request, but I really hope that they will be shortening that time soon.
You will read this in other Bubblews reviews

(Mostly) everything in this bubblews review sounded good, but people who were writing bubblews reviews use to call Bubblews a scam site. Problem is that many people end up banned before they even reach the $50 mark and request a payment, because they weren’t following the rules, but there are some people who request the payment but never get it.

They send email(s) to support and never get the reason why their redemption was declined. That is the reason why you will see Bubblews reviews full of anger (either in article or comments).

I requested payment 4 days ago(today’s date is 9/10/2014) and the $160 that I redeemed should come to may PayPal on October 6th. I hope that you guys will check this Bubblews review in a month to see did I get my money, because I’m planning on keeping this post updated. If you are interested to see my bubblews profile, click this link.

I don’t know if you remember, but in begin of this Bubblews review I wrote I find it strange that they are sharing half of their money earned through ads with Authors. If every bubbler was following the rules, they wouldn’t be able to ‘survive’ ” they’d give away more money than they earn, because I believe that hardly anyone is clicking on those ads, what means that they are getting little money (around $1-2 per 1000 views) so I think that they survive only thanks to those banned people.

I think that this bubblews review should not be longer, and I thank you all for reading it. If you have any questions feel free to submit them belove in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer them. I also wish you good luck with earning money there, because it is such a great opportunity and everyone should do their best to use it. Also, share this bubblews review with your friends if you find it helpful.

Happy bubbling! $$$